Complacency Is A Killer

Complacency Is A Killer

We currently live in a society where we are a click away from instant information. The phrase "microwave society" is certainly analogous to so many areas of our lives.  Whether it's surfing google or our social media feeds there's never been a more simpler way in society where everything we need is at our finger tips.  Although, in some respects, this has made our world and business sectors much more efficient and streamlined in overall productivity, it can breed complacency and laziness.  

Being a 54 year old male, I reflect back on my years in University, where I was assigned research projects for various subjects.  In order for me to become educated on the subject matter, it took much more effort compared to our modern day society.  I physically had to walk from my on campus dorm room to the University library which took some effort in and of itself.  Furthermore, when I entered the library, I often had to ask the librarian to assist me in identifying the books I was trying to find based on the required subject matter.  There was no immediate gratification unlike google which is so much more user friendly and provides instant downloads of information.  

As a personal trainer, I marvel at how much free information there is out there for individuals to become healthier versions of themselves.  There's fitness apps and thousands of exercise videos that individuals can tap into to access any program they desire.  That being said, we've become complacent to change when it comes to dietary and lifestyle choices.  Change takes effort and discipline.  It involves replacing bad habits with good habits. 

The bible states in 1 Corinthians 10:23, "Everything is permissible for me,"but not everything is beneficial." Although this scripture is referencing the consequences of being lured by sinful temptations, we can see the parallel in establishing healthier habits.  Fast food is tasty and very tempting but is it beneficial to our overall health?

Today, make a choice to take action and break the cycle of being complacent or lazy. Be that person that gets out of bed, laces up your running shoes, and walks to the corner store to buy that local newspaper rather than scrolling the digital paper.


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