So, what is Doms? Have you ever started or re started to exercise after a long holiday away from being active? This could also be classified as “the weekend warrior syndrome, “which is an expression of engaging in an intense exercise session after a long layoff. Many of these mighty warriors have fallen victim to this painful, muscular symptom know as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). This is a by product of anaerobic activity which is produced when our muscular system is stressed. For instance, when I engage in a weight training session, which involves stimulating and loading my muscles with resistance, typically soreness occurs 24-48 hours post exercise session. This is a natural phenomenon that one can expect when engaging in such activities. In fact, when we lift weights, we cause microtears in our muscle fibers. Yes, I know what your thinking, this seems counterintuitive, as the goal of weight training is to build not tear down our muscles.  This natural phenomenon of breaking down our existent muscle fibers must occur for our bodies to overcompensate to build, new, lean tissue. So, if the concept of breaking down to build backup occurs, what should we all be prioritizing in developing a sound, structured routine?

If you thought of recovery, you are absolutely, 100% correct.  In my other blog writing, entitled, Stimulus vs Recovery, I alluded to how these two factors must be emphasized to achieve the desired results that one is seeking when engaging in their respective routines.  The stimulus, or workout itself, certainly must be performed, to create the environment to develop new muscle.  The true growth and recovery of that muscle occurs when we engage in activities of active rest.

This included some of the following: walking at a slow pace for longer periods of time, light jogging, stretching, yoga, deep breathing techniques, massage, epsom salt baths and foam rolling.  All these components of recovery will assist in clearing the DOMS symptoms from the muscles.

Furthermore, getting proper, restful sleep and eating a diet comprised of whole food meals, will do volumes to maximize the results you seek both in and outside of the gym.

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