Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works

I remember as a young  boy growing up in Chatham, Ontario, Canada I dreamed of some day being a major league baseball player.  There were many games I would watch on television and be inspired by the talent and dedication of some of my best childhood idols. One of those players that comes to mind is Pete Rose, who was a former big-league star with the Cincinnati Reds.  What I admired about Pete was his mindset of how he approached each and every game.  His work ethic both on and off the field was impeccable.  I’m not sure what age group you are if your reading or hearing this blog, but if your 50 plus years of age and a baseball fan you would remember Pete.  In fact, his approach to each game was always one of believe and desire to perform at the highest level.  There’s a saying in baseball for this type of player, “the one who left it all on the field.”  Pete’s grit, tenacity, and determination to perform consistently at a high level earned him the name Charlie Hustle. 

In the Holy Bible, faith is referenced in the book of James 2:17 and states, “Faith without works is dead”.  I think of my childhood and having big visions and dreaming that one day I could be like Pete Rose so to speak.  Wouldn’t it be great to actually activate and work towards what I’m believing for in faith?  As a Christian and a man of faith, in order to live righteously before God,  I’m called to not only have a belief system but to activate my faith and do good works as our Lord calls us to do as believers.   

We can parallel these words of wisdom in many areas of our lives some of which are fulfilling our dreams of being healthier  both in our body, mind and spirit.   That being said, like that child who inspired to one day be a professional  baseball player, I had to do more than just believe in the concept of one day playing in the major leagues.  It took determination, hard work, and discipline to develop the skill sets to achieve my goal.  Similarly, with our health, we can inspire and dream to be healthier but if we don’t take the necessary steps to activate and engage in activity then are faith is essentially dead. 

As a wellness consultant and a distributor of health supplements, I’m passionate about trying to counsel and help individuals who inspire to gain or regain there health.  The challenges are trying to coach and convince people that there’s no arm chair approach.  You can’t just sit and dream of being in shape or reducing cardiovascular risk factors.  There must be activation in your faith to achieve by putting the work in. 

In closing, I say this humbly, but I went on to fulfill my childhood dreams by earning a scholarship to Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee and earned All American Mentions as one of the best outfielders as voted by the association.  Furthermore, I was scouted by the Texas Rangers major league baseball club and was invited to their prospect camp in 1991.  Unfortunately, my graduating year in University, I sustained a career ending injury which robbed me of fulfilling my childhood dreams. 

Go out and be INSPIRED TODAY to make a difference!!!!

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Good illustration, Dave! I enjoyed reading your story!

Elliot Johnson

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