Free Healthcare

Free Healthcare

Everyone has heard of the expression, “nothing is for FREE anymore.”  I beg to differ, especially in terms of taking steps in improving your overall health and well being. Invest in yourself with a free healthcare policy by tapping into all that the good Lord has freely given us. The Bible states in 2 Peter 1:3, "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and for godliness.” 

Let us look at some activities we can all do free to bring wholeness of body, mind, and spirit. We can engage in routine nature walks, perform deep breathing, stretching, meditation(prayer), getting out in the sunshine for a walk or bike ride. Making healthy home cooked meals and avoiding those burger joints, will not only save on your food budget but will provide nourishment to your bodies. These activities are free to us all and only requires us to take the initiative and just do it. Nike’s motto says it all so well.

Fee for service items, such as a purchasing a health club membership, brings all the bells and whistles but is not a necessity to live an active lifestyle. The gym may motivate you but if you do not develop good habits with consistency, often this results in a high cancellation rate of memberships.

There has never been an easier time to find a reservoir of free bodyweight and walking programs on your social media feeds. So, if you are procrastinating over investing in a gym membership and the monthly dues are deterring you from adopting healthy changes, know that there are free options at your disposal. Refuse to allow your finances to be the determinant factor to be healthier or not. Also, do not rely on willpower, as often it comes with a host of shortcomings.

Think of how successful willpower holds up to New Year’s resolutions of starting a fitness program or eating healthier.  It doesn't usually workout to well.

Take strides today, to return to the basics and fundamentals of tapping into your FREE healthcare plan. Choke out and overcome those negative voices and thoughts that tell you, "you're going to fail, or you don't feel like it." Lace up a good pair of running shoes and “Just Do It.”

Movement is truly medicine but often with anything fruitful in life, it comes with a cost. Know that when you take the initiative today to truly invest in your personal FREE healthcare strategy,  the dividends will yield the greatest return now and in the future.


BE Well!!!

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From the heart, pure beneficial Truth!!!!!

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