Less Is More

Less Is More

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been overwhelmed with what to order as there are too many choices on the menu? Before you know it, the waiter or waitress has come to your table and asked several times whether your ready to make and order.  More isn't always best and typically leads to buyers remorse, where you wish you'd order another item.

At Shroomspa, I've taken the guess work out of the equation, by streamlining your store options, offering select, hand picked evidence based products that work.  With the central theme of health issues being cortisol regulation, I offer specific product lines to address the root cause of stress/anxiety, immune deficiencies and overall pain/inflammatory responses. 

Shroomspa, provides a "one stop shop" approach where individual products sold have a multi pronged effect that targets multiple needs. 

Look for my next blog entitled "Multi modal effects" where I explain how one single product can impact many systems in our bodies.



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