Spring has recently sprung in Southern Ontario, Canada and with the dawn of a new season we are witnessing the birth of seedlings coming to life to blossom into various plants. It is quite amazing to experience God’s nature firsthand to see the various buds of plants begin to poke through the soil and eventually expand their growth into a beautiful masterpiece.

There is a strong correlation between nature and science which is clearly manifested in various forms throughout the proper functioning of our human bodies.  For instance, our human bodies are estimated to be comprised of thirty trillion cells and they all work in harmony to conduct all the basic functions necessary for humans to survive.  Although I said survive, shouldn’t our quest in life be to not only survive but thrive? Analogous to the seedlings of plants, for them to flourish, they must be properly nourished and maintained.

When I think of the many organs in our bodies that God has formed in us, I am most fascinated with our brains and the vast complexity that it orchestrates throughout our system. In fact, neuroscientists continue to remain baffled of how intricate the human brain is and the numerous roles it carries out every second of our lives.  The field of neurochemistry continuous to discover new research daily of the various proteins and neurochemicals that are pivotal to maximizing both mental and physical performance.  One such protein is called BDNF(brain derived neurotrophic factor) which has been referred to as “Miracle-Gro” for our brain.  Like enhancing and fortifying our soils to ensure proper growth of plants, researchers continue to quantify the many benefits of exercise in developing and maximizing our brains performance.

Multiple large-scale epidemiological studies have linked more exercise to better memories and thinking skills and less risk for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.  Exercise is truly a potent method that has been tangibly shown to increase the production of this “Miracle-Gro” substance when it is activated in our bloodstreams.  BDNF, when activated in our blood via exercise, has been shown to prompt the creation and maturation of new brain cells and various synapses.  This has huge implications for enhancing learning, memory, and various cognitive functions.

So, with all the conclusive science, linking exercise to enhancing overall mental fitness, shouldn’t it be prudent that we all be mindful of these landmark findings and begin to embark on a journey of daily exercise today? Movement is truly medicine so start pumping out more Miracle Gro fuel and survive to thrive.

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