Multi Modal Supplemental Effects

Multi Modal Supplemental Effects

There’s a term in medicine referred to the multi modal actions a drug and or therapeutic supplement has on our systems, tissues, organs and cells of our bodies.  

Multi modal is defined as a therapy that combines more than one method of treatment.   This can also refer to the effects that an agent can have on multiple receptor sites throughout our body to facilitate a therapeutic action to target disease.

The Shroomspa store has been created with this important concept in mind to ensure the product offerings provide the best targeted effects on multiple receptor sites throughout our body.  As I mentioned in my blog entitled, “Less Is More”, it’s not always the quantity of choices that matters when selecting the best supplements for your individual health needs but the quality of products that are offered.

Shroomspa provides very select, evidence-based supplements, that are carefully designed to provide multiple therapeutic benefits taken alone as a single agent and/or along with other compatible products to maximize the therapeutic response or benefit that an individual seeks to address various health disorders.

Functional medicinal mushrooms and various ayurvedic herbs can elicit a multi pronged or multi modal health benefit.  Both are amazing molecules that support immune deficiencies along with addressing mental health and  inflammatory conditions.  Both of these compounds are known as adaptogenic herbs where they have the incredible ability to modulate both our immune and nervous systems  to create an environment of homeostasis or restoration balancing  these two vital systems in our bodies. 

For example, the Chaga mushroom, which is in our Myshrooms Defence product, is comprised of over 200 naturally antioxidants plus contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D, which support immunity, mood and bone growth. 

Furthermore, the ayurvedic herb Ashwaghanda is another multi modal strategy which provides a plethora of health benefits in and of itself.  These include the following; inflammatory conditions(colitis, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure etc……) mood support(anti anxiety support and depression), immune support increasing the overall production of our protective antibodies. 

Both the mushrooms and ayurvedic product offerings on the Shroomspa store are essentially a one stop shop or multi modal in your prevention/treatment arsenal to prevent and reverse disease states.



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