Mushrooms And Immunity

Mushrooms And Immunity

With the  pandemic and the effects of various pathogens on our health, there has never been a time such as now to support our God given immune systems with the necessary defenses.  Consumers are taking an increasing interest in maximizing their health through consumption of superfoods, nootropic(adaptogenic) products, and heart/cognitive compounds. So naturally, interest in healthy mushrooms has accelerated.  

Like a soldier who is engaging in a war, it would be prudent for them to equip themselves with artillery and battle gear to protect and destroy.   Mushrooms or fungi are designed to carry out similar assignments to support our immune systems to identify various viruses, protect and defend.  

Hippocrates said it best” Let food be  your medicine and medicine be your food”.  Mushrooms contain compounds called beta glucans which are polysaccharide fibers that are known to help activate and produce white blood cells called macrophages.  

Macrophages work in the body to ingest and destroy tumor cells.  In fact, in the Asian culture, medicinal mushrooms are used in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy drugs to assist their anticancer  effects along with lessening side effects such as nausea, vomiting and hair loss.  

 In fact, the turkey tail mushroom has been shown in clinical trials to enhance natural killer cell activity and improve survival rates/quality of life in breast cancer patients.

The beta glucans in the mushrooms work to activate and increase our antibody (immune cell) counts which help to support our overall surveillance system to identify, support and destroy invading pathogens that try to afflict our health.

Did you know that humans contain 50% of the same DNA as mushrooms?  There is no accident in nature that supports how valuable this tool is to use as a daily overall health supplement to support how we protect ourselves.  Furthermore, many pharmaceutical drugs are extracted from fungi such as penicillin and statin drugs.  

 If you think of how mushrooms grow in the wild, they are exposed to extreme environmental stress, i.e., weather changes etc. etc.  

With their tough exterior shell, they have been created to be resilient to these various stressors so could it be that consuming mushrooms could also provide us with a similar shield of protection?

When selecting the most effective and highly absorbed mushroom supplement, it is important to choose a brand that is both hot water and ethanol extracted, to ensure you're consuming the full complement of immune enhancing polysaccharides.   The My Spray brand is not only duel extracted but provides a convenient and highly absorbed oral spray.

Based on the nutritional value alone, we all should be incorporating these medicinal mushrooms as a daily supplement. The portabilityand ease of delivery makes the shroomspa brand one of the most convenient in today’s market.

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This was a very informative article! The information about how mushrooms enhance our immune system was helpful. Neat fact about the DNA of humans and mushrooms being 50% similar!

Rosemary Rudy

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