Recently on a family trip to Mexico, my son was able to witness the healing powers of the ocean's waters. Prior to our arrival, he had been suffering from a rather uncomfortable and non aesthetically appealing cold sore on his lip.   Through submerging his body under water, he noticed in one day how the naturally occurring waters of the Pacific Ocean had expeditiously dried up the wound, relieved any discomfort and cleared his complexion.

The healing properties of Gods naturally occurring minerals, date back to biblical times in the regions of Israel. In fact, even today, many Israelis and tourists alike, flock to the Dead Sea to bathe in its mineral infused waters, to restore and heal their bodies.

One such mineral, that many are familiar with today, are known as epsom salts.  They are a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium sulphate.  Did you know that magnesium is referenced as the original “chill pill”? Many people today ingest magnesium-based supplements due to their stress relieving properties.  Furthermore, epsom salt baths can be incorporated in one’s daily health regime to relax both the body and mind.  This is accomplished by their effects on our central nervous systems to alleviate tension systemically.  That said, our skin is very porous and provides a very effective delivery system to not only benefit our skin superficially but also brings restoration and a calming effect to both our minds and bodies.

In my most recent blog, I alluded to the term “DOMS”, which is associated with muscle soreness due to physical exertion.  The cause of the pain and discomfort can be associated to lactate or lactic acid, which is a by product that is produced when our muscular systems have been taxed.  To assist the bodies recovery, many people and especially athletes, turn to routine epsom salt baths, which help remove lactate build up in the muscular tissue. 

In summary, one can see that there is so much natural healing for both our bodies and our minds that occur outside of the need for pharmaceutical medications.  Choose today, to be pro active with your health naturally, by taking advantage of these healing minerals that our good Lord provides in our natural habitat.

Be blessed today with less stress through the power of nature!!!



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