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Nitric Oxide

As I was driving yesterday, I noticed more and more road crews on our local roads repairing several pot holes.  Just like our roads we must maintain the integrity of our internal roadways(arteries) so we avoid congestion and the harmful effects of erosion.  One avenue(pardon the pun) we can take to ensure the health of our internal roads(if you will), would be to ensure that we keep our bodies fueled with optimal levels of nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a compound that is released in the inner lining of our blood vessels called the endothelium.  Tiny cells, known as the endothelial cells, release nitric oxide which widens or dilates the blood vessels, allowing a smooth circulation or flow of blood throughout tissues/organs or our bodies.  Its known as the "master regulator" to ensure healthy flow and pressure of our blood systemically.  

As we age, our natural production of nitric oxide decreases, which can cause the arteries to become stiff and less pliable.  Consequently, over time this can lead to a build up of arterial plaque hence impeding blood flow.  The narrowing and further occlusion of the blood vessel wall can lead to cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.  

We can take proactive steps today with our health by maintaining our roadways and avoiding taking the EDR(Emergency Detour Route).  There are many daily strategies such as choosing healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.  Furthermore, we can take evidence based supplements to increase our levels of Nitric oxide.  Pro Argi 9 Plus, is a product that I personally consume daily for the assurance that I'm taking the due diligence to maintain the health of my heart and blood vessels.  Pro Argi 9 Plus is a nobel prize winning drink formula which can conveniently be consumed daily to maximize your nitric oxide levels. 

Enjoy this great tasting, heart friendly drink and bolster your overall cardiovascular function!!!


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