Stimulus Vs Recovery

Stimulus Vs Recovery

In terms of working out and life, the results are determined by the efforts we invest in both areas.  There is also the common expression of “work-life balance,” which we all strive to create a harmonious relationship with our work and personal lives.

To experience the “fruits of our labour” in the gym, it involves an external stimulus or effort to elicit the results we seek.  If our goal is to build strength and lean muscle, we must load the muscle with resistance then provide adequate rest and nutrition to develop new tissue. There is a tipping point where the external force or stimulus(training) becomes counterproductive when performed too intensely or too often.

As as personal trainer for years, I emphasize to my clients, the importance of rest days for both the muscle and neural system. Your central nervous system is deployed during intense exercise sessions hence must be equally rested to ensure full recovery during exercise sessions. We must master the art of working hard but resting harder. Deploying rest and recovery days are paramount for allowing adequate recuperation of both our bodies and minds.

For instance, lets look at the benefits of sunlight to both our physical and mental well being. The correct amount of exposure to the sun stimulates vit D production, which improves immunity, mood, bone health etc.…  Conversely, overexposure can lead to a sunburn and negate its benefits. A correctly structured exercise routines are balanced to underscore the rejuvenating effects of recovery days.

Look for my next blog entitled Dom’s, where I clearly explain the definition, cause, and effects of this byproduct of muscular work.

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