Strength Training-Brawn, Brains And Bones

Strength Training-Brawn, Brains And Bones

Strength training can be performed in various methods.  One can use their bodyweight as a resistance tool to provide load and/or incorporate other training modalities such as resistance bands, free weights, dumbells, kettlebells or the use of machines either at home or at the gym.

Our society tends to shy away from strength training components when they think of getting in shape, however; incorporating weight bearing exercises such as the above referenced options has been shown scientifically to yield the greatest benefits to our bodies both physically and mentally.  Many opt to chose cardio when they think of getting into shape which is certainly good in and of itself for both cardiovascular benefits and brain function.  That being said, the research conclusively shows that strength training is the true one stop shop activity that yields the greatest return on our physical fitness investment.

Let's take a look below of how strength training bears fruit by building the various cells that our bodies consist of.

Muscles Cells:

Strength training aesthetically builds lean muscle tissue which not only enhances the shape of our bodies but increases our bodies ability to burn fat at rest(basal metabolic rate). Furthermore, by building our muscle cells we enhance insulin sensitivity which help our bodies utilize insulin more effectively.

Brain Cells:

Research has shown that strength training helps to stimulate both the release and production of happy, feel good chemicals in our brains such as seratonin and L dopamine.  Has implications to enhance focus and prevent depressive episodes.

Bone Cells:

Osteoblasts are formed when we perform weight bearing exercises on our joints and bones.  The load or stress from strength training stimulates the production of these cells and draws more calcium and phosphorus into the bones increasing the integrity of our bones.  This has huge implications for preventing bone loss or osteoporosis.  

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