There is a term in the pharmaceutical industry called polypharmacy or network pharmacology.  This refers to utilizing many or multiple medications to treat conditions or illnesses in our bodies.  This strategy has many clinical advantages with respect to maximizing the overall treatment benefit with multiple agents(polypharmacy) used as opposed to a very high dose of a single agent(monotherapy).  

Targeting disease with combinations of multiple drugs/supplements are clinically advantageous both in the mainstream medical world and in the natural sector.  So why is this?   Research has found that using small/micro doses of multiple drugs or supplements provides maximal clinical outcomes and less apparent toxicity (with pharmaceutical agents).  

Furthermore, using multiple agents together or synergistically blended provides a vehicle to target multiple receptor sites throughout the cells in our mind and body thereby maximizing clinical benefits to treat disease states.  This is analogous to the saying “one stop shop” where you maximize benefits using products designed to target many receptor sites in the body rather than just one.

Shroomspa product offerings were birthed with this in mind to provide the consumer base with unique synergistic blends in the form of functional medicinal mushrooms, herbs and other therapeutic compounds, to strategically address both  mental and physical health. 

For example, functional medicinal mushrooms have a multimodal effect or multi pronged treatment benefit.  Not only do mushrooms have a profound effect on supporting our immunity, they are powerful adaptogens, which assist our mental well being by modulating cortisol or our stress levels. Furthermore, they are administered intra orally, which maximizes the absorption within the body. Products are only effective when they are absorbed. 

In another one of my blogs, I will further expand on the topic of delivery systems, to educate my consumers about why absorption rates are variable with certain products. 

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