What You Think Determines Your Outcome

What You Think Determines Your Outcome

The phrase garbage in-garbage out goes beyond eating refined, sugary, processed foods.  Patterns of negative, toxic thoughts can cause a cascade of inflammatory conditions both in our minds and our bodies.  Negative mindsets overtime if go unchecked on your laundry lists of health goals will contribute to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

In today's current world, there is certainly a great deal of negativity that can rob an individuals happiness.  We've endured Covid for 2 plus years, the Ukraine war, rising gas/oil prices, housing markets, inflation in so many sectors.  However, it's an individual choice as to how you react to these circumstances whether positively or negatively.  Similar, to when you make a decision to start an exercise routine.  There comes a time where you choose to make a positive change in your life to improve your health. 

The Holy Bible states, "Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts". There is no greater truth then God spoken revelation and how crucial it is for us all to take every thought captive.  

To accomplish your health goals and reign victorious in life this scripture is pivotal to maintaining and sustaining success.  With respect to weight loss and fitness goals, many trainers and you tube fitness influencers focus on healthy eating and training.  This of course, goes without saying, are important elements to achieving your health goals.  That being said, the MOST important piece of the puzzle that is not mentioned enough is how you talk to yourself.  Let's face it, the person you will dialogue the most with during a given day is your inner voice or man.  

If that's the case, which it is, don't you think it would be prudent to take inventory of what you're thinking and internalizing? This negative pattern of self talk not only robs your fitness goals but more importantly destroys your mental and spiritual well being. The old proverb states "as  a man thinketh so he is." Don't only exercise your body but incorporate a daily strategy renewing your mindset with positive self thinking and talking.

In practicing these daily habits, you will eventually transform to have TRUE WELLNESS or wholeness in body, mind and spirit.



This is so important. It wasn’t until I read this that I thought …What have I been thinking? Do my thoughts align with my goals or are they sabotaging them? This is a good word!

Jennifer Tyrrell

Well said, I totally agree 👍


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